Hey! If you’re reading this then you probably can relate to one of the following:

  • You’re a christian
  • You like to read
  • You like christian bloggers
  • You like reading about bible insight

-or all of the above but whatever reason you found yourself here, welcome! 

So get this, every morning, when the sun shines profoundly on my face (due to me having a love-hate relationship with my sleep mask) I wake up, say a prayer, and read a chapter of the bible with the complimentary commentary for it. Every. Single. Morning. I’m not kidding. Now I’ve read the bible before while growing up but it never stuck to me because I never dived deeper and I was foolishly in the world. Yet, thanks to a born again experience I am growing more as a child of the light and revamping my life. It is as though I am reading the bible for the first time with new understanding.

So, why are we here? Well,  I have a book full of notes and a bunch of new insights floating around in my head like balloons but no place to explicitly share my thoughts, with the exception of Jesus of course (he’s a great listener). God gave me the idea to share these thoughts (I will not be taking any credit for this idea) in the form of a blog. I never thought of having my own blog -but then again with God steering the wheel you NEVER know what to expect and this last year can attest to that for me. So here we are!

From this blog you can expect my insight (and rather charming personality) from my  daily morning bible sessions with a dash of commentary understanding. Hopefully you’re not only learning something but overall entertained enough to keep up with my journey. 

Lucky for you I like to write so sit back and relax. You’ll be in for a treat. God bless you!

Update: 10/17


Here I am,  a couple of hours until posting this as my official first blog post and yet it has now dawned on me that I need to say more. I tend to do that a lot with my writing. 

I want to add my testimony, more or less a reflection of the person I am today. 

Around this time last year I was the definition of a train wreck. I wish I was exaggerating. My thoughts drowned me completely because of the damage I caused upon myself with the wrong I was doing. In simple terms, things not of God. I was depressed, I had no graduation, law schools declined me, and I found myself back home because the pandemic ruined 98% of my future plans.

I had no peace.

A simple term, I know, however its weight is significant. No peace was present in my life. I allowed depression to take root inside me and create a stern foundation that hindered me from growth. The thing about living in the world is that it functions in intervals. There are periods when you’re feeling down because of stuff going on in your life. Then there are small periods of deceitful happiness where you think everything is okay, but you’re still not okay. 

That was me, except during college I got worse. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that Jesus is real. It was the one thing Satan was unable to change my mind on. 

When I decided to change my ways and devote my life to God and had my born again experience, the painful thoughts of my past were still there each day like a leech. Yet, as time continued it faded. It no longer had a hold on me. I found myself changing the way I present myself and expressing gratitude to God consistently.

What I’m trying to say is that today, a year later I am no longer the person I used to be. Y’all guess what? I have peace. Jesus gave me peace. Peace that world is unable to offer. God changed my life in a year. 

I’m in my word daily, I don’t dwell on the past so much (even if it tries to creep up on me I pray or listen to gospel music until it’s tuned out), I have space in my head to think and I spread the gospel on my social platforms with no fear because I shouldn’t be withholding the truth from anyone. 

God is real, even the enemy knows that and everyone should have a chance to hear it whether they choose to accept it or not.

I’m a podcastor, self published author, and now Christian blogger. Some people even come to me for biblical advice and I still can’t believe it. You truly never know what God has in store for you once you accept his plan for you. Again, I am so grateful for his love, his mercy, and his grace. 

I know the truth won’t be accepted by all, however it won’t keep me from explaining it. You can be assured that no fluff will be added here to dilute the Bible. I want to be the kind of person who addresses the elephant in the room when others try to pretend it isn’t present.

Overall, I’m happy you’re here.

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