OT Fight Night: Genesis vs. Big Bang

“LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLEEEEEEEEE! In the left corner weighing about 232 pages, and 50 chapters compiled by the Lord’s servant Moses in the wilderness of Sinai that tells the story of the beginning of mankind from creation to the death of Joseph, the first book of the Old Testament, we have the beginning, Bere’shith (heb. – “in the beginning”), Genesis! -Insert the heavenly host going crazy in the crowd- 

Now in the right corner weighing a questionable amount of pages from 1931, compiled by Georges Lemaître, we have the “testable”, the unprovable, the big bang theory!”  -insert the boeing- We sure have a good fight ahead of us folks, the battle of the beginning. Remember only one can be the winner. Let the match begin! Ding Ding Ding!”

And just like that, the Big Bang Theory is knocked out cold before the first round reaches the first two minutes. Poor theory never stood a chance in the first place, however it still tries to put up a fight. 

Anyways, Genesis: The first book, or as I like to call it, the first season of the Bible. God being the CREAT-OR that he is debunks a lot of scientific theories on how people believe the world began. Now, before the young and old highly devoted scientist blow up like a puffer fish I will like to point out that I will not be spending my time writing in detail the flaws of this theory (don’t even get me started on evolution). Overall it doesn’t make sense how a perfectly crafted earth and solar system exploded from nothing. Even that sounds a bit far fetched to me.

Similar to what I say in my Bibles & Bonnets podcast and scripture of the week videos, without the Spirit being revealed to you nothing will make sense. The Bible, God, Jesus, etc will not click. If anything I will sound like one of those crazy people who shout out things randomly, who people try to ignore outside. Plus, without God there to fill in the cracks I can understand how frustrating it must be for everything in the world to make sense. This is where I believe some science truly originated. People trying to make sense of the world through facts that can be “possibly provable” with some sort of evidence. Even if it is a small speck, scientist will run with it because let’s be honest; it doesn’t make sense how humans inhabit a planet with the right amount of oxygen, water, gravity, rotation, perfectly distanced from the sun (I can literally go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture). If I didn’t know God I’d want to know how the earth was crafted flawlessly as well. It’s ridiculous to simply believe that this whole earth wasn’t created by something. 

Let’s metaphorically close our eyes and try to picture this example. Think of your favorite car (as of now I’m stuck between a Range Rover and Toyota Camry). Your favorite car didn’t just appear in front of you one day with every speck of its pieces jammed “into a very tiny point”, eventually leading to an explosion with a force that created a model car. We all know that sounds crazy. Instead, someone carefully crafted the car with a well thought out process and placed each piece together to ensure that it is in the right condition to be used properly.

Now, from the book of Genesis in the first chapter we know that God, the creator, our Father in heaven not only created us but everything. He is the creator of the universe, which means that we don’t have to search around going crazy over “who created what” because He did it. Genesis literally answers the “who are we, where did we come from?” question.

So anyways, Genesis. The beginning. The first book with a surplus of chapters that introduces the following:

  • God’s Sovereignty: In regards to God appearing FIRST as a sovereign creator and ruler; his power over history and the actions of his people reappears throughout the book in his preservation of his chosen ones. (NIV The Woman’s Study Bible)
  • God’s Covenant: The first covenant made with Adam. After the fall, we notice God continues to have patience with us and make covenants with each subsequent generation, selecting one man from each family to continue the godly seed for the next generation. (For ex. Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob.) (NIV The Woman’s Study Bible)
  • God’s redemption: THE STORY of the formation of the chosen people is ultimately the redemption. The term “offspring” refers to the Godly line of those faithful to the Lord, who will eventually crush the offspring of the wicked. The wicked who live in Rebellion against God. This prophecy was ultimately fulfilled in the coming of Christ. Since Israel was God’s chosen nation from whom the Messiah (Jesus Christ) was to come, Israel’s story reveals God’s redemptive action in human history.  (NIV The Woman’s Study Bible)

At first, I wanted to go into this book with an open mind. This is not me saying that I had to prepare myself in case there were things I did not believe. When I say “open mind” I mean that I’m reading with the thought of “everything happens for a reason” because to be frank A LOT of hardcore stuff went down in the Old Testament that some people either don’t understand the reasoning behind it or use it to prove something that is not true, like a false narrative. God always does things for a reason. If I’m being honest I was scared of the possibility that I wouldn’t understand the Old Testament (it sounds crazy as I type it out loud). I always tried to stay in the New Testament because being that we are the New Testament church I figured that I would not need to look at the old ways of the Israelites, the covenants with Abraham, Issac, Jacob, the law of Moses, etc. Yet, as I read through these chapters it becomes more evident to me that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.

So, let’s begin at the beginning.

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