About Me

    My name is Praise…yes like “Praise the Lord”.  I’m from New York, but have been rebranded as a Floridan due to me temporarily relocating to Florida (as seen in the picture of me below). I am a self published author, social media content creator, and a podcaster.  I use each platform to spread the word of God and overall help people understand God better.

Overall, I am not that good at describing myself. However, I can say that my relationship with God has grown stronger over the last year and I am so thankful for Him (he’s the genius behind this blog).

What People Say

“If I had to describe Praise in one sentence…. what would I say…?” *stares blankly into space*

Jalen Graham (my cousin)

“Praise…is…a…well… rounded….person… who…cares….so… much.”

Cheyenne Graham (my cousin’s older sister, who is also my cousin)

“You’re a very holy person.”

Will (Jalen’s friend)

“Note to self: Don’t ask your family or their friend to describe you on the spot. It doesn’t work.”

– Praise S.