Age Doesn’t Matter (Once You’re Over 100 Years Old).

Adam: “Cause you know I’m like 900 years old-” Me: Damn. Adam:  Me: Adam: Me: I’m sorry.  Am I the only one who thinks of the viral moment in the interview between Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle. I think it’s the way Kevin Hart says “Damn” and the organic silence that immediately follows after thatContinue reading “Age Doesn’t Matter (Once You’re Over 100 Years Old).”


Hey! If you’re reading this then you probably can relate to one of the following: You’re a christian You like to read You like christian bloggers You like reading about bible insight -or all of the above but whatever reason you found yourself here, welcome!  So get this, every morning, when the sun shines profoundlyContinue reading “Greetings!”